Between 2006 and 2016 I managed an investment portfolio focused on social impact. The fundamental goal was to help build companies that would help build people, while attending to their impact on their suppliers and the environment.  I got my start as a member of Investors Circle, at the time based in San Francisco.

I have lots of experience with investing and grant-making in service of economic development. I've played with many of the "toys" of MRI, PRI, EQ2, debt, equity, and grants to both for-profits and non-profits. I'm happy to amortize that learning over your project, feel free to contact me to explore fit.

Portfolio Companies of NWSRImpact

A fast-casual healthy eatery chain. Invested 2006, company closed 2010

Equal Exchange - worker cooperative selling coffee, tea & chocolate. "You won't get rich, we won't get rich, and together we will change the world." Invested 2009.

Alter Eco USA - marketing Fair Trade quinoa, rice, chocolate and more. Creators of the dark chocolate quinoa bar, YUM! Invested in 2009. Alter Eco successfully transitioned to new equity ownership in 2017. 

A certified B Corp!


Lumni, Inc - Human capital lending for affordable college loans. Primarily in Latin America. Invested in 2011.

Community Sourced Capital - crowd sourced lending for small businesses. A Pinchot graduate founded company, also a B Corporation. Invested in 2014.  Converted to a non-profit in 2017.

Adina For Life - sells holistic beverages with Fair Trade ingredients.  Invested in 2006.  Company closed in 2012.

Farm Power Northwest - generating electricity, fiber and low odor liquid fertilizer. Invested in 2007.

Emerge Financial Solutions - accessible and affordable financial services for employees. Invested in 2010, active board observer until 2011.  Emerge closed in 2017.

Walk Score - transforming the urban environment by making walk-ability measurable.  Invested in 2012. Company was acquired by Redfin in 2015.  Redfin filed for IPO in 2017.

Fledge - the conscious company accelerator.  Fledge brings in promising startups that have a world-improving mission to give them intense training, connections with mentors and some initial funding, in return for an investment that can be paid back without selling the whole company. Invested in 2013

Our Table is a unique producer/consumer/supplier certified organic cooperative farm on 58 acres of land located about 15 miles south of Portland.  They grow a variety of crops which the sell via their own retail store, CSA and wholesale to nearby retailers. 

Invested in 2014

Willapa Hills is a working family farm on the banks of the Chehalis River. Find their creativelyflavored cream cheeses and famous Blue in Northwest stores, or visit their farm!

Invested in 2014

Better Bean - a Portland based, angel funded company that benefited from the participation of Renewal 3.  Invested in 2015, along with the Seattle Impact Investors Group. Exited to Hain Celestial in 2017.

OlyKraut handcrafts sauerkrauts, pickles, and sipping brines in Olympia, Washington, with an emphasis on local purchasing. Invested in 2015.

A Certified B Corp!  

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