Know your Acronyms!

AUM - Assets Under Management

BOP - Bottom of the Pyramid (used by folks focused on poverty alleviation)

CDFI - Community Development Finance Institution - a Treasury Department certification

CIC - Community Investment Corporation, formed in 2005 in the UK for balancing community interest, director compensation and investor returns.

CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility

ESG - Environment, Social & Governance

MFI - Microfinance institution

MRI - Mission Related Investment (used by foundations to describe investments that support both the endowment and the charitable mission)

PRI -Program Related Investment (an IRS compliant investment made primarily because it is a way to support the mission)

SPC - Social Purpose Corporation, the Washington State corporate organization that helps a company embed social purpose in its DNA

SROI - Social Return On Investment

SRI - Socially Responsible Investing/ Sustainable & Responsible Impact

TBL - Triple Bottom Line

Ratings & Metrics:

B-Corporation - a rating & standard setting group for companies

GIIN - the Global Impact Investor Network -working to build agreement on standards and ratings

Organizations,  Associations, Conferences

Social Investment Forum - basically the industry association for investment advisors and product representatives

The Community Investment Center - SIF's site focused specifically on community investing

Investor's Circle - a national angel group focused on social impact investing

ReVisioning Value - a Portland-based conference and organization working on aligning value chains around values.

SOCAP - the Social Capital Markets conference every fall in San Francisco.

Reading in the SRI space:

Stanford Social Innovation Review - solid reading on both the investment and philanthropy sides of the equation, more tilted toward philanthropy. 

CSR Wire - current news and events in the Corporate Social Responsbility space

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