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What can I do for you?  At the most concrete level, I build spreadsheets.  What gives them value is when they support your decision making. This means they need to frame your challenges in your language, make the independent variables (the "knobs" you get to turn as you explore your options) be things you actually have control over, and the triple-word-score is when I can create a visual that is engaging instead of a grid that is mind-numbing. 

What makes my work worthwhile is when you understand something about your business that maybe you didn't before, or have the confidence to act because a path is now clear, or get to save yourselves grief by doing a little advance planning.  

I've sometimes see business as a combination of physics and community organizing.  I started undergrad as a physics major and eventually realized that we would basically study Mechanics & Electricity+Magnetism, over and over again each year, with the difference being that the math each year would just get more complex.  As a business grows, it may feel like you're solving the same problems over and over, but now addressing a new stage of operations, or marketing or distribution or team building.

Community organizing is another appropriate analogy for business. As a leader your role is to find and constantly tune the overlap among a disparate set of interests - customers, suppliers, employees, distributors, regulators, financiers.  Yes, money is the common language that in theory ties it all together, but you know it's not that simple. For the business people I work with, financial sustainability is important because it's an underpinning of that larger network of relationships, and that network is why you are in business.

Beyond spreadsheets, I'm great at designing and managing processes with attention to detail.

Wonder if I could help with a project of yours? Mutual interest is important to me so the first consultation is always free.  Drop me a line via my contact page.

Located in Seattle, WA

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