Northwest Sustainable and Responsible Investment

I have been an angel investor in the northwest since 2005 and I have invested in over 30 companies.  Over 2018-2019 I joined the boards of three companies: OlyKraut, Heroclip and Farm Power.  I'm interested in building local economy that works for all.   OlyKraut is a certified B Corporation.  In 2019 I invested in the Stewardship Trust model pioneered with Organically Grown Corporation.

Since 2018 I have begun to focus more on the food sector. I have partnered with Business Impact Northwest to bring Tera Johnson and her Food Finance Institute to Seattle.  I'm looking to help build education and resources so food businesses can get to a community invest-able state and beyond.  Check my blog to readmore about what I'm learning and able to share.

Located in Seattle, WA

Read what's most recently on my mind at my blog: Clear Eyed Capitalist

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