Northwest Sustainable and Responsible Insight

Some say it's lonely at the top, but it doesn't need to be. With more than a decade of experience investing in local business I've seen many business challenges and solutions. I've also co-founded a startup myself.  

A key question I can help you ponder is how does your business grow? I've helped a food manufacturer understand the complex interactions of COGS, Inventory and cashflow. I've helped a nonprofit coffee shop track their growth. I've helped several startups think about how they might raise capital and what kind of structure can work for them.  I'm a great thought partner for stepping back from your business and taking stock.

Wonder if I could help with a project of yours? Mutual interest is important to me so the first consultation is always free.  Drop me a line via my contact page.

Located in Seattle, WA

Read what's most recently on my mind at my blog: Clear Eyed Capitalist

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